Creating a Co-Product Job Order

This process describes how to create a co-product job order.

Only certain fields are listed. See the Job Orders topic for descriptions of other fields on the Job Orders form.

  1. Open the Job Orders form.

  2. On the toolbar, click the Filter-in-Place button Filter in Place button, active .

  3. To create a new job order, select Actions > New.

  4. In the Output Type field, select the Co-product Mix option.

  5. Enter the appropriate data in the following fields:

  6. Select the Scheduling tab. Enter the appropriate data in the following fields:

  7. (Optional) If you want to split your work-in-process account into various cost components, select the Cost Detail tab.

    You can identify the components involved in the total cost of a product. The system uses the following cost components:

    • Material costs (Material Cost)
    • Labor costs (Labor Costs)
    • Fixed overhead costs (Fix Ovhd)
    • Variable overhead costs (Var Ovhd)
    • Outside costs (Outside)
  8. Select the References tab.

  9. In the Co-product Mix field, if you are using a co-product mix that has already been defined on the Co-product Mixes form, accept the default, or enter another co-product mix that contains the same lead co-product item.

    By default, the system uses the lead co-product item's Preferred Co-product Mix on the Items form.

    NOTE: If you are going to add or remove co-products from this job, change the co-product mix quantity, or cross reference the job, then proceed to the next step. If not, then proceed to Step 13.

  10. Select the Co-product Job Order button to open the Co-product Job Orders form.

    Only the required field is listed. For more options and information on this form, see Co-product Job Orders.

  11. On the Detail tab, select the appropriate option from the Ref field.

  12. If you do not select Inventory, in the unlabeled field to the right of the Ref field, enter the order number of the order to which this job is linked.

    For customer orders, this field is used along with the customer order line to look up the Qty Ordered, Order Date and Due Date. For co-product jobs, you have to enter this information manually. (The system also uses the Ref field to post the Ready to Ship field and to create the Order Entry Cost Variance Report).

    CAUTION: Do not cross-reference a co-product job to a customer order line item.

  13. To save the co-product job, select Actions > Save.

You can now Add a co-product routing and bill of material to the job.